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  • Online Business Manager  represents a new standard in the billing management marketplace. Convert your desktop software to a PCI compliant Web based system.  This system provides Employee Time Clock, Member Management, Personal Training Scheduling, Automatic Exception Interface......... Ask for a DEMO 

Referral Programs

  •  We have several referral programs setup. These are tailored to the desires of the client.  They have been used by individuals, software companies, existing clients and banks!  So to earn some extra cash, get your clients up and running, or expand your business email us or give us a call (707) 829-5577.

MMI Associates

  • FITNESS BUSINESS COUNCIL (FBC) is the only true independent-club owner-manager networking group in The Fitness Business industry. Owners and managers of all square-foot-size independent clubs come to FBC for business support available only to FBC members...stuff that will assist you in running a stronger, more competitive, more viable fitness business!  MMI is proud to be a partner with FBC in advancing the industry-wide use of the ONLINE BUSINESS MANAGER software - the perfect online business management software for all member-driven business.

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