GateKeeper for OBM — Now With Mask Recognition, Tailgating and Room Occupancy Control .


by Patrick Craig

Many states are opening back up after the first wave of the COVID scare, but other states are still struggling with a more cautious approach by governors and mayors. Fitness and Health clubs have been especially hard hit—many have been forced to close their doors or strictly manage the number of people who are in a facility. The same holds true for schools, training studios, and educational facilities.
Money Movers, Inc. a leader in the Member Management / Gym Software provider field, has been critically aware of these problems since we provide our software to Gyms, Health Clubs, and Personal Training Studios, as well as Educational Providers and even Hospitals. Working with Logical Developers, we already had developed the GateKeeper 24-hour access hardware that allowed clubs to check-in members using the AccessPass phone app and the member’s digital device. But now we have taken this one step further and added several new features that will be of great value to your facility.

Our updated 24-hour Access device, GateKeeper, now has mask recognition, tailgating, and maximum occupancy features.

Using front and side-mounted cameras, Gatekeeper can recognize whether the member is wearing a mask or not. This allows you to verify that all members and clients seeking access to your facility are wearing a mask. When GateKeeper is switched for “no mask, no entry” the hardware denies access.

GateKeeper also counts the number of people entering the facility and if more than one person tries to enter on a single scan notification is sent to the local administrator at the point of entry.

The mask scan function can also be set to “maximum occupancy” and once that number of occupants in a room is reached GateKeeper will not allow entry to the room. Perfect for situations where you must keep the occupancy of a facility to the mandated number—workout rooms, classrooms, meeting rooms, etc.

Besides these new GateKeeper features, OBM offers several new features specifically tailored to dealing with the restrictions of the COVID-19 crisis.

Our new ZOOM Live-Stream feature is now fully functional. You can schedule trainings, lectures, classes, etc. and post them on your public calendar or on the OBM internal scheduler. The member can then purchase and sign up for the event. When they do they are sent a link to the event by email or text. One-on-one and group events and pre-recorded training videos are all integrated with the AccessPass app and the Trainer, Member and Administrator portals.*

• OBM now has the ability to prorate your billing if your facility is unavailable for client use.
• Our customizable Point of Sale system now comes with inventory control and vendor management.
• OBM allows your members to sign Full Online Contracts.
• OBM allows you to integrate all your membership, training or educational offers with your website or Social Media presence using our Sign-up Wizards.
• All of our contracts are active and populate the member’s record with personal information, purchases and financial information.*
• OBM can convert all current club softwares such as Jonas, MindBody, ABC and install it in your customizedOBM system.
• Your OBM database can be linked to multiple locations.

Money Movers Inc. offers full, in-depth training on the OBM system and all features.

*The ZOOM Live-Stream function requires a paid account with ZOOM.
*All Financial information is secured through our PCI-DSS Compliant EFT processing gateway.

Patrick Craig has worked in the Marketing Industry for the past twenty years. He is a published author and has written extensively about the fitness industry, particularly the gym software aspect of it. He has been with Money Movers, Inc. for the last six years where he serves as the Marketing and Operations Manager, web designer and coder, and maintains the custom websites Money Movers, Inc. develops for their Online Business Manager gym software clients.