More About Money Movers, Inc.

Thank you for your interest in Money Movers, Inc. and Online Business Manager Software.
Money Movers Inc. is a full service ACH and Credit Card processing gateway. We offer a variety of services. As your processor Money Movers can process and resubmit checking, savings and credit card transactions quickly and efficiently. We offer our clients the option to keep their current software and utilize Money Movers as a processor, or convert to Online Business Manager (OBM), our state-of-the-art Member Management software that will handle all of your organization’s payment processing, member purchases, personal training scheduling and payments (including group training) and much more.
OBM offers rapid check-in, multi-club membership and management, paperless contracts, days overdue members with a collection interface, flexible offers/products/services/sessions, flexible reporting, anticipated receivables reporting, managed member mailing lists and many other features including but not limited to:
Dynamic Training Interval in All Portals—Schedule 15-minute, 30-minute, 45-minute, 1 hour, 75 minute or 90-minute personal training sessions.
Trainer Portal—Can be used to schedule trainings, verify completed trainings for payment, dispute resolution, send emails to clients and log all of your scheduled and completed trainings.
Group Training Option—Create a training class offer that allows multiple member participation while paying a single flat fee commission to the trainer.
Enhanced Training Scheduling Interface available on the member portal and on our AccessPass app.
Member Check-In Reporting with export for NIHCArewards compatible files as well as other Health Incentive program requirements.
Annual Billing Product Option—You can create products such as annual fees or maintenance fees that can be billed annually on any chosen date.
The 24 Hour OBM GateKeeper Door Access Unit—Turn your club into a 24 Hour facility with our easy to install barcode operated GateKeeper.
Simple Point of Sale Option to OBM—You can sell products and non-recurring offers directly from your front desk, link it to your cash drawer and print receipts, all from a custom POS.
Variable Pricing—The price of a product may be updated on the fly by the salesperson during sign up wizard execution for in-house signups.
Flagged Incomplete Sign-ups for potential members who do not complete a contract during the sign-up process.
“Allow in Member Portal” check box allows you to create offers that are exclusive to the AccessPass member app and the member portal for special offer online signups.
Customized Multiple Web Page Enhancements—allow you to offer online specials (Black Friday, New Years, Back to School etc.) as well as your day-to-day memberships. You can utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to link directly to your customized offers online. You can set up customized Facebook ads that target clients by zip code or interest and link directly to your website. We also offer customized website designs.
Email Blast your “days overdue” notices, invoices and promotional communications.
Card Account Updater (CAU) provides updated card numbers without the need to contact the member.
Interface to Collection Service (First Credit Services).
(If you have not already requested more information by filling out our information form and would like to schedule an Online Business Manager Demo,  click HERE or please give us a call at 800-861-5029. If you would like to visit our websites click on the menu at the top of the page.)