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MoneyMovers, Inc. announces their premier cloud-based software for Member-Driven Organization Management. Fitness Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, Schools, Doctors and Dentists - OBM can manage them all.

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Automated Customer Billing

MoneyMovers, Inc. supports your Electronic Funds Transfer processing with full service and immediate problem solving.

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Electronic Funds Transfer

Find out how MoneyMovers, Inc. can help you with your ACH and Merchant Processing.

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Welcome to Money Movers Inc.

We are an Electronic Funds Transfer Gateway processor that is fully PCI DSS compliant.  We offer credit card processing services and electronic funds transfer payment system processing services for ACH as well as a wide assortment of merchant solutions.  We can integrate our services with your existing business management software, or we can upgrade you to our premier Internet-based ONLINE BUSINESS MANAGER, an extraordinarily robust, yet extremely simple to use online business management system.  Money Movers’ services process through existing merchant and company accounts, making the transition to working with us a seamless integration into your business environment.  Money Movers offers an enormous variety of merchant solutions at extremely competitive prices in every type of industry.

Ever since the big Target hack in November, consumers and congress have been demanding immediate upgrade by all major retailers to a Chip and PIN EMV system where the customer must enter a four-digit code when they use their credit or debit card to conduct a transaction.  Retailers and credit card processors have been dragging their feet because the implementation demanded a total investment of over 8 billion dollars.  Now recent developments may have put the kibosh on rapid...

Automated Customer Billing

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