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Gatekeeper 24 Hour Member Access LEARN MORE Allow OBM Gatekeeper to maximize revenue by
transforming your club to 24-hour access.
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Money Movers, Inc. Partners

Let Fitness Consulting Guru Jim Thomas help build your gym.

Fitness Management & Consulting specializes in helping current owners and future owners of gyms, fitness centers, health clubs and multi-purpose athletic clubs to find solutions with how to open a new gym start up, billing and collection, real estate site selection and lease negotiation, broker services, fitness center sales, consulting and troubleshooting, health club promotion, fitness center advertising, gym equipment and flooring, and AED’s.

©OBM Gym Management Software

Get a FREE 45 Minute Consultation with Jim!
Keeping your Gym humming…

… making sure your billings happen on time, scheduling training, keeping track of new and old members and managing your employees while you’re trying to figure out how to get new clients in the door has always been hard. PLUS we’re in a social media-driven world that will leave you behind if you don’t have a slammin’ website, a FaceBook page, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, and an Instagram presence. Put it all together and the whole thing just becomes an overwhelming mountain to climb. Let Money Movers help you succeed with our powerful Online Business Manager Club Management software.

©OBM Gym Management Software

Let Jared Curry use his marketing skills to successfully promote your business using Online Business Manager coupled with the Scope16 toolset.

Digital Marketing is by far the most cost-effective form of advertising to date. That’s why it’s the only thing we do. Being results driven, we aren’t going to sell you something you don’t need. With in-depth knowledge of targeted Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and LinkedIn advertising campaigns, we provide you with trackable results you can use to justify your return on investment. We can even re-target customers who have visited your website or another page you own, providing your ads to help close warm leads.

© OBM Gym Management Software

Would you like to talk to Jared?

Our Clients Love Online Business Manager Software!

Website Sales Our Ace in The Hole!

Everyday I have the joys of coming into my office at 5AM, firing up my computer clicking over to our Money Movers system and seeing how many new memberships we sold overnight. Our website has become our ace in the hole. For years we only had the ability to sell memberships within the club missing out on an incredible amount of people searching for fitness online. Our website and system that Money Movers has built for us has driven our business to the next level. I’m very thankful for the phenomenal team at Money Movers.

Tony G.
Fitness 19

©OBM Gym Management Software

Always a Positive Experience  

We have been with Money Movers, Inc. since 2001 and we especially appreciate that the response time for customer service is excellent. They are always updating or upgrading the system. Low cost and dependability are two top priorities for our business of 19 years. We have used this company for all of those years with great success and great relationships formed and we are looking forward for many years to come working with the Money Movers great team.

Shannon K.
North Hill Fitness

©OBM Gym Management Software

Point of Sale Works Great!

We decided to change our Point of Sale system a little over a year ago and we are so happy we did. The Money Movers staff are absolutely amazing. They all go above and beyond what they should do. We had a couple issues early on but they resolved them quickly and seamlessly. I would recommend anyone who looking for a Point of Sale system for their fitness center to use MoneyMovers. We haven’t looked back since our switch. 
Molly S.
General Manager—EvoBody Fitness

©OBM Gym Management Software

Let OBM Gym Management Software lend a hand…

OBM Gym Management Software: An amazing member management software coupled to a powerful PCI-DSS Compliant EFT Payment Gateway! Everything your club needs to make it all work!

Online Demonstration / Mailing List Signup

Let one of our helpful technicians guide you through a complete online demonstration of our software—OR sign up for our mailing list to get all the latest OBM updates.

Competitive Pricing

Not all locations need all the bells and whistles of a full-blown Health Club Member Management System. That is why we developed a system that has a cafeteria design to it. You simply choose our Online Business Manager Gym Software Base System for basic Member Management and then include the features you need. Call our office and find out about our competitive pricing and special first time user discounts.

(800) 861-5029

Money Movers, Inc.

Find out about Money Movers, Inc. and all of our services.