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The amazing new Online Gym Management Software with automated EFT/ACH payment processing
for every size fitness club

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OBMONLINE BUSINESS MANAGER – the perfect Gym Management Software solution for Fitness Clubs and Gyms.

Clients using our enhanced Personal Training Scheduling / Billing integrated systems are easily able to generate increased monthly income.

The Customer Relations Management  aspect of OBM allows for New-Lead Generation, while our targeted Social Media Marketing brings in friendly referrals.

Our streamlined systems let your employees produce income by generating leads, handling member parties, and keeping your current member retention up to date.

Oour PCI_DSS Compliant EFT Payment Gateway system with its Automated Billing Feature generates steady income that can be counted on and our Automated Collection Services increases back-end income. The CARD Account Updater service for Credit Cards provides accurate billing information without having to contact the member.

It used to be so hard to manage your member-driven business…

Running your business, collecting the fees, scheduling appointments and training, keeping track of members and managing your employees while you’re trying to figure out how to get new clients in the door has always been hard. Then add to that the fact that we’re in a bright, new, social media-driven world that will leave you behind if you don’t have an interactive website, a FaceBook page, and Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, and the whole thing just becomes an overwhelming mountain to climb…



But Not Anymore…

Now you can move your Gym or your Fitness Club to a new level with ONLINE BUSINESS MANGER Gym Management Software, and the MoneyMovers, Inc. Connection; the tools you need to make your business a streamlined success! Get totally connected with the first fully integrated  ONLINE PCI-DSS Compliant EFT Payment Gateway Processing, Club Member Management and Interactive Marketing and Sales Website Program. It’s the complete processing, management and marketing program for your member-driven business.

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