Money Movers Inc. is a fully PCI DSS compliant Electronic Funds Transfer Gateway processor.  In plain English, that means we move a lot of data over our network..  If we could not protect this information from unfriendly eyes, we would be out of business quickly and completely.  So our IT Department works diligently to protect client information.  That means that we have to have ironclad, hack-proof firewalls in place.

You probably know that you need firewall security; in fact, you may even already have a firewall management program in place.  But what exactly is firewall security, how do you apply it to your servers and how do you stay abreast of not only the most current developments in protection, but also the most dangerous new Internet threats?

At their most basic, firewalls work like a filter between your computer/network and the Internet.  You can program what you want to go out of your server and what you want to get in.  Everything else is not allowed.  Corporations like Money Movers Inc. often have very complex firewalls in place to protect their extensive networks.  But here’s the problem: firewalls do not focus SPECIFICALLY on preventing hacking, and hacking has proven to be the biggest threat to any company that handles sensitive information through its networks.

Here’s what George Baldonado, President and CEO of Oasis Technology, a leading provider of Internet and network security and network support for businesses, says about the hacking threat to your company; “Cyber Hacking is a silent stalking time-bomb that threatens all Internet connections twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Most companies, corporations, and agencies don’t even know that it’s happening to them….”

George goes on to say, “Armies of Cyber Hackers from all over the world are targeting our infrastructure, military, data, intellectual property, innovations, our ideas, and even our identity information.  At their disposal are thousands of foreign computer ‘bots’ that churn out thousands of hack attempts per millisecond looking to gain a million dollars worth of information.  Sooner or later the targeted network will fold or open up.  Once it folds, either the network or application will crash, or worse, the data will be compromised.

This affects all companies and agencies that use, store, or access sensitive information. It doesn’t matter whether the company is a doctor’s office, CPA office, military, state, county or state agency. Even companies that just process their charge cards using PC’s are vulnerable. Additionally, each of the millions of cyber hack attempts also congests the company’s network bandwidth until the bandwidth is so full of hack attempts that normal business cannot be transacted.”

If you don’t believe what George is saying just check out this article on the reemergence of Chinese hacker groups that can be traced back to the Chinese Military. It’s one of many on the Internet.


All you need to do is follow the stories about the massive hacks perpetrated on Target, Home Depot, Chase and other multi-national companies to realize that we are living in an era of rampant Internet thievery where anyone who has sensitive data of any kind is at risk if they do business electronically.

So now that I’ve terrified you, you probably will ask me what can you do to bring your network up to premium levels of protection. Glad you asked.

The reason I quoted George is because George and his company, Oasis Technology, have come up with a solution that we have implemented at Money Movers Inc., The Oasis TITAN Network Security Systems ™. TITAN is not a Firewall—its sole purpose is to protect and fortify firewalls to ensure data really is secure. After we put our TITAN into our server system we were able to document hundreds of hack attempts a week, many from China, and TITAN was turning them all away.

Oasis built TITAN because they had been mistaken for a processing gateway company with a slightly different name and by 2012 had become the focus of unrelenting cyber attacks. So they developed TITAN to protect themselves. It worked so well that they began offering the device to other companies whose firewalls had significant holes and deficiencies in their architecture.

The system is designed for optimum performance regardless of location, network type, PC or MAC, Microsoft or Linux. Unlike traditional companies, Oasis also provides a comprehensive security audit to add further protection based upon industry security methods and procedures.

If you have a firewall in place but you aren’t sure about its reliability or security, you need to contact George. Oasis engineers can customize TITAN to integrate with a customer’s legacy security infrastructure.

The TITAN system is available to new customers immediately. For pricing or other information, contact Oasis Technology at (805) 445-4833, or go to their website by clicking on the link below, or on the advertisement.


Does your Firewall really protect your vital information? – ©2014 Money Movers, Inc.

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