OBM! Great new Features for 2021




Money Movers, Inc. has been very busy this year developing and implementing some great additional features to OBM that we want to share with you. These new features will make working with Online Business Manager even easier. Contact us for more details.

  • Advanced Real-time POS Option
  • Set Annual Fee Date
  • Membership Types and Membership Groups
  • Allow in Member Portal for Member / Allow in Member Portal for Prospect
  • Customized Product Lists for your POS
  • Customized Signup Wizards and Desktop Wizard Link PDF’s

OBM Gym Management Software / Point of Sale1. Advanced Real-time POS Option

We now have a real time POS integration, which means your team can utilize OBM as your POS terminal to collect over-the-counter purchases, overdue payments etc. Ask us about this new service!

2. Set Annual Fee Date

We now can determine the exact month and day that your annual fee will be billed. When you are building the offer, you just choose the start day and the start month. This eliminates the need to have a list of twelve annual fees charged by month on your menu. For instance, if you choose the 15th day of the fourth month, OBM will always charge the Annual Fee on the 15th day of the fourth month from the signup date. Or if you choose day 1 of January, OBM will always charge the Annual fee on January 1, no matter what day the member signed up.

3. Membership Types and Membership Groups

One of our fresh approaches is the way we are using membership types vs. Member groups. In the past, many of our clients used membership types as the primary tool for filtering members for reporting.

Many of you have special memberships such as military, corporate, and first responders. Now you can create a membership for them and then designate the specific service the member is in. You can do the same with your insurance clients. Create a membership type called Insurance Membership and then add your different types of insurance as member groups. This way you can do specific reports for submitting to the Insurance companies for reimbursement.

5. Allow in Member Portal for Member / Allow in Member Portal for Prospect

To use this feature to the fullest, we are encouraging our clients to make greater use of the member portal and AccessPass phone app. Anyone who has a record in your OBM database can purchase offers through the member portal, but non-members are restricted to those offers you only want available to them by checking “Allow in Member Portal for Prospect.” You have them in your database, but they do not have access to all the perks and special offers you design for your members.

6. Customized Product Lists for your POS

Along with these features, we can show you how to customize your product list so that your POS module offers mirror your member portal offers. Thus, instead of labeling a product “Personal Training” you create a specific product called “Personal Training Half-Hour Members Only—4 sessions” and price it. You create all your product packages to match your offers and these matching products become available in the POS as well as the member portal.

7. Customized Signup Wizards and Desktop Wizard Link PDF’s

Ever wished you could call up a specific offer or set of offers without having to sort through all the offers in your offers menu? Now with our customizable signup wizards you can call up a specific set of offers right from your desktop when a member comes in to sign up. For instance, suppose a senior comes in and wants to sign up for a Silver Sneakers Membership? We can create a customized PDF for your desktop or tablets with links to all your different types of offers.

All these extra features and many more are now available in the updated Online Business Manager. For more information, call us.

Or if you are not using Online Business manager but want to put one of the Fitness Industries most highly rated Club Management Softwares to work for you, call us for a free demo.

800 • 861-5029 • info@moneymovers.com.

Patrick Craig has worked in the Marketing Industry for the past twenty years. He is a published author and has written extensively about the fitness industry, particularly the gym software aspect of it. He has been with Money Movers, Inc. for the last six years where he serves as the Marketing and Operations Manager, web designer and coder, and maintains the custom websites Money Movers, Inc. develops for their Online Business Manager gym software clients.